CrystalWorks HQ Reopened!

CrystalWorks Headquarters has found a new home, and is now once again open to the public! Click the “CrystalWorks HQ In-World” link in the sidebar to visit, or give the link to your friends! 🙂

Many thanks to devika Selona for continuing to support CrystalWorks by hosting our parcel for free!

CrystalWorks HQ Temporarily Closed

Hello, everyone!

Until further notice, the physical CrystalWorks HQ building in-world is closed to the public, due to a few problems with the current management setup.

In the mean time, though, the CrystalWorks shop on the SecondLife Marketplace is still fully-functional. Make sure you log in to view Adult-rated items! Click here to visit!

The Future of the Waddles Diaper: Let’s Discuss It

Hello, everyone!

After months of nothing, I’ve finally found enough time to resume work on the Waddles EX diaper.

However, after the slight train wreck last time, I’m considering a different approach this time: Incremental releases, meaning that the diaper will be released with only the most basic features at first (wetting/messing, non-table changes, basic RLV, an update system, etc.), and receive frequent updates to add the remaining features over time.

To that end, I’ve decided to poll people to see what you all think of this idea. Should we try these new incomplete releases? Should it just wait until it’s completely done? Do you have a better idea that I didn’t list here? Speak now! 🙂

One Year Later: Where’s the Waddles?

Hello, everyone.

Sure enough, despite my original promise to the contrary, a year has passed since I took over CrystalWorks, and the new Waddles has yet to even have a beta release.

At minimum, I decided that I owe you all an explanation as to why.

Long story short, it’s entirely because of my RL. I’ve been struggling for several months, both financially and personally. Much of my free time has been forcibly devoted to finding enough money to survive. So far, I’m not homeless or in any significant debt, so at least there’s that, but I need to keep working hard to make a new start.

I know that even that isn’t an excuse for a broken promise, and to those of you waiting… I’m really, truly sorry. I want to finish the Waddles, and I truly wanted to have it finished within the first /month/ of making the announcement that a new version was coming, much less within the first year. I’m left without the ability to make any promises about it, other than that I still want to make it happen someday, and that it will be free and open-source as it was always intended to be when it finally is released.

In the mean time, if there are any bugs in existing CrystalWorks creations, I’ll gladly fix those, and I may be persuaded to add small features. It’s also possible that the new Waddles release cycle may be modified to come in small parts — the physical diaper, then basic scripting and RLV, then more advanced features one or two at a time… as opposed to releasing everything at once, which clearly hasn’t worked out. (Also, for those of you not aware, the old Waddles is still available and completely free, just not open-source — it’s completely usable, so go ask someone for a copy of that or get it off of the adult-mode SL Marketplace if you need to be tided over.)

I can only hope that all of you can find it in your hearts to forgive me for all the hot air I’ve been spouting… but even if not, I understand. I’ll make it up to all of you someday. That’s another promise I’m reasonably confident I can keep.

CrystalWorks HQ Reopened!

Thanks to the ever-generous devika Selona, CrystalWorks HQ already has a new place to call home, and its own dedicated parcel to boot!

It’s smaller than before and not as elaborate, but all current products are available as before. (And the landmark will actually lead you to the right place this time!)

If you’re reading this from the CrystalWorks website, you can find a SLURL in the sidebar. If you’re reading this as a group notice, the landmark is attached. Enjoy! I’m going to bed now. 😛

Server move (mostly) complete!

As of right now, CrystalWorks and all of its update systems have been successfully transferred to a new server. Reliability issues regarding the update systems should cease, and in fact, they should be more stable than ever!

As for headquarters reopening, a new CrystalWorks HQ is under construction… I’m sure you’ll find out more about that later. 😉

CrystalWorks HQ Down, Server Transfer In Progress

Well, that timing couldn’t have been worse.

Long story short, everyone, two problems.

One, the person who owned the sim that CrystalWorks HQ was in apparently decided to quit SL. The entire HQ was deleted, and I can’t put it back up. I’m looking for alternatives.

Two, I’m transferring the site ( and all of the update/delivery systems to a new server. They’re currently down, and may keep going down for a few days.

I’m doing my best to fix both of these problems quickly. Wish me luck! ^^;

Seeking some fabrics…

This may not be the announcement you’ve all been waiting for, but it may also precede a much more important one, so listen for a moment! This is about real life.

I need some help, from the resourceful among you. I’m trying to find a supplier for various fabrics. Specifically, I’m in the market for fabrics that are both cut- and tear-resistant.

If anyone knows where I can buy ANY of these, preferably in sheet form, please notify me immediately:

-Cut-Tex® PRO

Thank you!

Comcastic, huh?

Another month without an update, huh? Don’t worry, I have a good reason this time! (And this has nothing to do with the date, I promise!)

As some of you may be aware of, I was having some minor internet troubles a month ago. They made it slightly more difficult to work on the Waddles, since I might get randomly disconnected and lose some of my work at any moment. I solved this problem by moving the Waddles to a private OpenSim instance, so I could develop it offline.

I made the mistake of switching back to SL just for one day, and of course, that’s when Comcast decided to take out half the street’s internet (including mine!) for “repairs”. The next month was absolute hell, and despite how many days I went without internet and how many days I would have been better off with dial-up, I STILL don’t think they fixed it completely. Needless to say, I’m looking into alternative providers.

All further development will occur in my private OpenSim instance, no exceptions, except for the beta testing that will occur in SL. This probably means that I’ll be online less often, so feel free to contact me at this site (or send an offline IM in SL, I guess) if you want to chat.

Thank you all for your patience — I promise that nothing short of my entire computer being destroyed (knock-on-wood) will stop me from getting the first closed beta ready now.

Where I’ve Been, Waddles EX Status

Hi again, everyone. No status posts for a month and a half? Blasphemy! Dawn must have died, and the Waddles will never be completed!

Not really~. But I suppose I do owe you all an explanation and an update!

My absence has largely been because of the usual real life time-wasters, not due to disinterest in the Waddles project. I’ve been busier and busier and busier, but there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel — after next week, I should be back to having fairly regular free time. For the record, I am very, very sorry about this absence… I know exactly how it feels when someone says that they’re doing something awesome that you’re looking forward to and then falls off the radar. I have no intention of letting that happen for another, say, two years. 😛

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been developing the Waddles, though! Rather, I’ve just been doing it behind-the-scenes. I’ve got a working copy of all of the Waddles EX scripts on my personal OpenSim instance. I’ve been having some internet connectivity issues on top of everything else, so it made the most sense to me to move the scripts offline so I don’t keep losing work. This has been working quite well, and while I’m not making any promises (I know better!), there might be a closed beta within the next month.

So, I’m alive! Don’t hold a funeral for me just yet. 🙂